Fitzkinder Montessori School

Fitzkinder Montessori School
(3 to 5 years)

Fitzkinder Montessori School in Dublin is located in the basement area of Number 31 Upper Fitzwilliam Street. Class size is limited to ten per class offering a beneficial teacher to pupil ratio of 1/10. A classroom Assistant will assist the Montessori teacher with child supervision and activities. The curriculum is based on the Maria Montessori Method of Education which promotes self development and learning. Here your child will experience a structured learning environment utilising our extensive range of Montessori equipment and developing and learning at his or her individual pace under the guidance of highly professional and experienced Montessori practitioners. Montessori classes commence at 9.00 hours and close at 14.00 hours. A morning meal and afternoon snack is provided. Children wishing to avail of our after school service will be provided with a hot meal and evening snack and participation in a range of organised educational, social and recreational programmes.

Montessori Curriculum

Fitzkinder Pre-Montessori School

Fitzkinder Pre Montessori School
(2 to 3 years)

Fitzkinder Pre-Montessori Creche in Dublin is located on the first floor of Number 31 Upper Fitzwilliam Street. Class sizes are limited to ten with staff to child ratio maintained at 1/5. Our Pre-Montessori curriculum provides an introduction to the Maria Montessori Method of Education. The morning activities programme provides short periods of structured activity which incorporate many of the elements of Montessori teaching. Children are provided with age appropriate Montessori teaching materials and work at their own individual pace under the direction of trained and experienced Montessori practitioners. The afternoon session provides an opportunity for a more flexible activities programme which facilitates self direction and choice of activity. The Pre-Montessori Room is divided into a number of specific areas of interest each one devised to provide optimum learning experience and outcome.

Pre Montessori Curriculum

Fitzkinder Toddler Room

Fitzkinder Toddler Room
(1 to 2 years)

Fitzkinder Toddler childcare in Dublin are located on the first floor of Number 31 Upper Fitzwilliam Toddler group numbers are limited to ten children with staff to child ratio maintained at 1/ 5 We have created a fun filled, child centred environment in which children are encouraged to explore, experiment, create, imagine, interact and ultimately to learn through the medium of play. Children are introduced to a varied range of scheduled age appropriate activities under the guidance of our qualified, experienced and highly motivated staff. Learning outcomes are focused on the holistic development of the child.

Toddler Curriculum

Fitzkinder Baby & Infant Room

Fitzkinder Infant Room
(6 to 12 months)

Fitzkinder Infant Nursery in Dublin is situated on the ground floor of Number 31 Upper Fitzwilliam Street. The Infant Room provides a stimulating environment equipped with, audio, visual, tactile, constructive and physical play resources. Structured play activities are aimed at engaging with children and promoting development of curiosity, experimentation, exploration, coordination, communication and social interaction Children are closely supervised by highly trained nursery staff, with staff to child ratio maintained at 1 / 3. Supervised rest periods are factored into our structured and free play activity schedules. Parents will be provided with daily reports to assist with monitoring child development and sleeping, feeding, nappy changing and activity patterns and routines.

Infant Curriculum

Childcare, Nursery, Creche Dublin and Montessori School Dublin for babies, infants, toddlers and preschool children. All staff are highly experienced, fully qualified and vetted. The crèche is HSE registered and offers the Irish government's Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme (ECCE Scheme).
Fitzkinder Creche & Montessori PreSchool Nursery - 31 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin City, Dublin 2, Ireland - Tel. 01-644 9795 - Email.
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